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Leverage A.I. built specifically to find the top buyers actively purchasing in any market across the country.

Ty Taylor

Flip Man

InvestorBase is a game-changer. It tells you who's buying, where they're buying, how much they're paying, and gives you their contact information. If you're serious about wholesaling real estate, you need this tool.

Matt Larson

This is the most exciting software I've seen in the real estate industry during my 19 years in the business.

Adam Whitney

Blackjack Real Estate

We signed $150k worth of assignments with InvestorBase buyers in our first 2 weeks. They are changing the dispositions game.

Devan Carroll

Deventum Properties

I love that InvestorBase identifies Flippers & Buy-and-Hold investors so I know who to prioritize calling. I believe this is the best bang for your buck in regards to disposition platforms.